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With your gift of any amount over $25 you will receive 2 FREE copies of 70x7 and Beyond(2017 Updated Version & The original trade paper edition (rock&rose).

Your financial gift/purchase helps us provide free books for chaplain libraries in our institution systems. 

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About 70x7 and Beyond (Our new updated paperback edition for free distribution to institutions)


This is the story of Monty and Holly, two people on the fringe of society, wishing they were inside the circle. It is a story about love, and pain, and forgiveness. About two steps forward and one step back. Brace yourself for reality.

  • For those still in bondage to lies…
  • For those hurt by them…
  • For those who want to help…
  • 70x7 and Beyond gives insight and encouragement… Those who read the book will never be the same.